Tailwind Strategy- Pinterest Marketing Made Easy

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Pinterest Marketing is crazy important for your blog!

Pinterest is my main source of traffic, and I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without it.

Tailwind strategy to get more blog traffic

More traffic equals more pageviews, and more opportunities to make money blogging.

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The best thing about Pinterest, is that once you have your strategy down, it’s super easy to automate.

Automation can mean passive income! Yippie!

I get affiliate commissions from old pins all the time, because I have them scheduled to re-pin at optimal times using my favorite little app called Tailwind.

A solid Tailwind Strategy is important to Pinterest success.

Don’t let Tailwind confuse or overwhelm you.

It’s actually quite simple to use, and oh so powerful for your blog or business!

With these simple steps, you can leverage Tailwind to skyrocket your Pinterest growth and put your traffic on autopilot!

You can sign up here and try Tailwind absolutely free!

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Automate Your Traffic with Tailwind- Schedule with Ease

The Tailwind browser extension makes it easy to schedule pins directly from your blog, website, or Pinterest account.

Pinterest rewards users that are consistently active and pinning on Pinterest.

Tailwind allows you to leverage the power of Pinterest for sales, traffic, and lead generation, without having to spend your whole day on the platform.

This gives you the freedom and time to concentrate on creating valuable content, instead of worrying about driving traffic.

Tailwind strategy to get more blog traffic

Tailwind Strategy to Automate Pinterest- Save Time with Board Lists & Smart Loop

No need to spend hours scheduling pins one at a time to relevant boards.

With Tailwind you can put boards with similar topics into lists.

This makes it easy and fast to schedule your pins to several boards at once.

A new feature that Tailwind recently launched is the Smart Loop.  Tailwind was already easy, but the Smart Loop feature makes it so that you really can set and forget your most popular pins.

I upgraded to the unlimited Smart Loop because the time I save scheduling pins is totally worth the investment!

Get more Traffic with Tailwind- Know Your Audience

Tailwind has some super good data.

It can tell you exactly when the best times to pin are based on when your audience is active and engaged.

This will give you the best chance for your pins to be seen and get your audience interacting.

The more interaction you get, the more Pinterest will think your pins are awesome.

Which they are!

Boost Your Pinterest traffic with Tailwind- Find Your Highest Performing Boards

If you head to Board Insights in your Tailwind dashboard, you will be able to see valuable stats about all of your personal and group boards.

Tailwind strategy to get more blog traffic

You can see specific information about your boards such as how many pins it has, followers, and re-pins.

Two extremely important numbers that can help your Pinterest strategy immensely are Virality score and Engagement score.

Virality Score is the number of re-pins divided by number of pins.

This number tells you how well your content is doing. The higher the number the better!

Engagement Score– This is (virality score divided by the number of followers of the board) x 1000.

This measures how engaged your audience is.

You can use this valuable information to improve your Pinterest strategy over time, by changing up pins that aren’t doing well, and creating similar content when you see something that’s working.

Don’t be afraid of the data! Learn to love it and Pinterest will love you back!

You can get started with Tailwind for FREE by clicking here.